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In the world of growing demand for cross-cultural contact. And within the revolution of communication through which people around the world are in need to fully acknowledge themselves with other's traditions, beliefs, thoughts, and lifestyles, drama has become one of the most important means by which all aspects of life could be expressed, explained, and communicated.

The beauty of expressions, the smooth and expressive tongue, the accurate synchronization of the dubbing sound, and the perfect timing of subtitled programs. All together under one motto "deliver the meaning faithfully", are the environment in which ICIFA has been born on 2012.

ICIFA has participated in the education and entertainment of the Arabian spectators and giving them information about the cultures of other nations by bringing the best of works from a wide range of foreign languages to Arabic language using both classical Arabic and spoken Syrian dialect.

Our team has translated and synchronized the subtitles, and wrote the dubbing dialogue for drama series, movies, documentaries, and animations, as it carried on business with the top specialized companies in this field.

A branch of the company has been established in Beirut in 2013 following up to its career in this field, and began working with leading Lebanese companies working in the field of subtitling and dubbing and implemented in its favor many series and movies of high professional quality.

The works, which the company contributed in its achievement, have been shown on the most important Arab TV channels, including: MBC Network, Zee Alwan and Zee Aflam, FOX channels, Abu Dhabi channel, Dubai channel, Al Jazeera Documentary channel, National Geographic channel, Al-alam channel, Al-Manar channel and others.

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Mechanism of work

The innovative mechanism of work, by which the company is distinguished, made it achieve the best results in the major standards for the success of any business: the maximum quality, speed of implementation, and integration of performance.

Quality: "Triple check every word" was the most important motto lifted by the company management and the team as a whole. Since the establishment phase, it has been working hard to review and evaluate its work in order to select the optimal phrases that can lead to a beautiful and precise language. As a result, "Quality control" department has been established to review and evaluate all the work, which the company contributes in its achievement.

Speed of implementation: We have a young working team with the vitality and enthusiasm of youth. We also use modern scientific algorithms to distribute work in a perfect way, which guarantees achieving the work in the fastest time possible. The company also has a veteran and expert team that holds university qualifications of different specialties, reviewing the accomplished works to ensure that the speed of implementation has not affected the quality of work.

Performance integration: We currently have four main active departments: the translation department, the dubbing department, the quality control department, and IT department. The teams in various departments embody the essential cooperation policy adopted by the company and that made the saying "The team spirit and the integration of performance" a daily practice more than a motto.

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Our Vision

We are working all the time to develop the knowledge and expertise of the staff. In addition, to extending this staff, we always select the elite enthusiastic youth who are superior in their field, and the elite well experienced professionals in this field.

We are looking to offer our services to all satellite channels, and production and distribution companies who are interested in this growing technical industry in the Arab world.

We are keen to cooperate and provide services to our partners and clients to transform the industry into a sophisticated industry similar to professional experiences in the developed countries in this field, and keep pace with the twenty-first century. We aim for development and expansion to leave a mark in the Arabian spectator entertainment, cultural, and educational world.

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